Versione italiana: nodes.dat: Kad su aMule/eMule
nodes.datThe nodes.dat file is required to start a Kad (Kademlia) connection under eMule or aMule. It stores the ips of other users (kad nodes) who share their files over the Kad Network. If you want to connect to Kademlia network for the first time (and you don’t want to use servers) you’ll have to download an existing nodes.dat file from the internet.

nodes.dat URL

I uploaded my own nodes.dat file to my web space (if you’re using aMule, copy it to clipboard, else download the nodes.dat file - but only if you’re using eMule):

I’ll do my best to keep this file updated.

Load nodes.dat with aMule

Open aMule, and go to the Network Window. Open the Kad’s tab, and paste, in the textbox, the url of the nodes.dat:

Press OK, and answer “Yes”.

Load nodes.dat with eMule

Close eMule, and move the nodes.dat you’ve downloaded before to C:\Program Files\eMule\config. Reopen aMule and connect to the kad network, to let eMule read your nodes.dat file.

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