Versione italiana: Kad su aMule / eMule
Kad emule/amule
The Kad network (kademlia) lets you contact other eMule or aMule clients without servers (so, is more RIAA-proof than ed2k network). But the first connection to Kad network could cause you some trouble… ;)

Note: as always, I’ll talk about aMule, but eMule is very similar! ;)

Activate Kad network (Kademlia) on aMule/eMule

First of all, open aMule’s preferences and activate the kad network, by checking Kademlia under Preferences > Connection > Networks. On eMule, kad should be activated by default. If you don’t want to use ed2k servers, uncheck them now! :wink:

Starting Kad Network (bootstrap)

You have two ways to start the kad network, depending on your choice about using ed2k servers.

aMule/eMule serverless: starting kad network with a nodes.dat file

First of all, you have to download the nodes.dat file; to do so, read nodes.dat for aMule/eMule’s Kad”.

Import nodes.dat into aMule to connect to Kademlia

  1. go to aMule’s Networks Window;
  2. select the “Kad” tab;
  3. paste this nodes.dat url ( ) in the “Nodes” text area.
  4. Press return and answer Yes to the following question:

    “Are you sure you want to download a new nodes.dat file?
    Doing so will remove your current nodes and restart Kademlia connection.”

avviare il kad su aMule tramite nodes.dat
The image shows how to import a nodes.dat file into aMule
This image is protected by a Creative Commons License

After a little time, the kad network should be connected. Don’t close aMule immediately, wait until you have a lot of kad contacts (you can see it in the graph), otherwise, the next time you start aMule, your local nodes.dat will be empty, and you’ll be unable to connect!

If the Kad is always firewalled, begin to download a very common file (Ubuntu, for example) and press the “Bootstrap from known clients” button, to start the kad.

Import nodes.dat into eMule

Close eMule, download the nodes.dat file, and move it inside C:\Programmi\eMule\config (overwriting the existing nodes.dat). Reopen eMule and connect to Kad network. In case your kad is firewalled, do the bootstrap too (from kad’s window).

This way you should be able to connect to Kad Network (Kademlia), without being connected to any server. ;)

If it works, let me know. )

Bootstrap: how to start the kad network from ed2k servers

If you’re using ed2k network, you don’t have to download a nodes.dat file (you can always do it in case of problems).

Connect to an eMule server, and begin to download a well shared file (like Ubuntu ISO or Debian’s); when you’re in the queue of a lot of contacts, go to Networks Window > Kad and press Bootstrap from known clients. After a while, you should be connected to kad.

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